May is Bike Month: Board with a Bike and Ride Free

Discover how easy (and quick!) it is to Bike & Ride. DART has bike racks on every bus, and during the month of May, you can ride free when you board with a bike.  


How to use DART bike racks

(It takes less than 20 seconds to load or unload your bike on DART!)

  1. As the bus pulls up, raise your hand to attract the attention of the operator. Before you step in front of the bus, make sure it is completely stopped and the operator sees you. 
  2. If the rack is in the upright position, squeeze the release handle on the top and lower the rack.
  3. Lift your bike into the wheel slots. If there is already a bike on the rack, load yours in the opposite direction in the remaining slot.
  4. When your bike is loaded, lift the support arm up and over the front bike tire as close to the bike frame as possible. 
  5. Board the bus and pay your fare. (In May 2017, no fare is needed when you Bike & Ride. Simply hop on the bus after you've put your bike on the rack.)
  6. When approaching your stop, let the bus operator know you will be unloading your bike. Then exit through the front door. 
  7. Lift the support arm from the bike’s front tire and take your bike out of the rack. 
  8. If the rack is empty, please raise the rack up against the bus. Return to the curb and signal the operator that you and your bike are safely away from the bus. 

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Additional Resources for Bicyclists

  • Secure Bike Storage is available at DART Central Station in downtown Des Moines. The indoor storage room and changing room are available for a $50 annual fee plus a $50 one-time deposit. (To download bicycle storage application, click here.)
  • RideTime Transit App allows riders to track their bus and know exactly when to be at the bus stop. Search “RideTime” in the app store of your Apple, Android or Windows phone.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Which buses have bike racks? 
All DART Local, Express, Flex and On Call buses have bike racks, located on the front of the bus. In general, unless you are using DART's Paratransit program, your bus will have a bike rack. If you are a RideShare vanpool member, you can request a bike rack for your van. 

What types of bikes fit on the bike rack? 
DART's bike racks will hold most single-rider, two-wheel bikes, including children's bikes. Tandems, recumbents, fat tire bikes and tricycles will not fit in the bike rack.  

How many bikes can fit on the bus? 
Each bus has room for two bikes. If the bus pulls up to your stop and there are already two bikes on the rack, we ask that you please wait for the next bus or lock up your bike to a nearby bike rack, if possible. 


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