Severe Weather, Friday, Feb. 9

Weather Updates: Friday, Feb. 9, 2018


Heavy snowfall is expected overnight and will continue through the morning commute. Please plan ahead and expect delays. 

This webpage will be updated about every 45-60 minutes as sever weather occurs until conditions return to normal. 

Tips for Winter Bus Riding

  1. Check and this webpage. Conditions can change quickly, and DART may be forced at times to detour or cancel service. 
    •  Get next bus times by downloading the "RideTime" app on your smartphone or texting DART and your bus stop number (example: DART1234) to 515515. 
  2. Leave early. Heavy traffic and poor road conditions require operators to slow down for safe travel, causing delays in the schedule. If winter weather conditions are present, consider taking an earlier trip to ensure on-time arrival at your destination.
  3. Be visible. Make yourself visible to an approaching bus by wearing light color or reflective clothing. It is also helpful to carry a small blinker light or flashlight, especially on dark winter mornings or evenings.
  4. Play it safe. Be visible when waiting for the bus and wait for the driver to make a complete stop before your approach. Melting snow and ice can make the bus floor slippery; for safety, please hold onto handrails and seat backs when walking on the bus. When exiting the bus be sure to move directly away from the door and do not walk along the bus.
  5. Dress warmly. Dress in layers to stay warm while walking to your stop and waiting for the bus. Don’t forget to cover your head, neck and feet appropriately to keep in body heat and keep out moisture.
Updated 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018.
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