Annual Report

DART’s Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014) covers a period of historic transformation of Greater Des Moines’ transit system.

Notably, the new DART Central Station opened and a redesigned network of bus routes was launched. We hope residents of the region have found these enhancements to have greatly improved their public transit experience.

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DART FY2014 Annual Report

To download a PDF of the FY2014 report, click here.

DART FY2013 Annual Report

To download a PDF of the FY2013 report, click here.

The annual report is part of the many ways in which DART communicates with the riders whom it exists to serve. While DART will continue to communicate with you in other ways as changes occur, we have begun the publication of the annual report to provide you with a year-end overview of the previous year’s progress. 

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