Posted on May, 31 2021

DART is making changes to schedules for several Local and Express Routes on Sunday, June 6. Updates included in this June service change include:

  • New weekday schedule for Local Route 6 with service now running every 20 minutes during the day, and every 30 minutes in the evening
  • Weekday evening service on Local Route 7 will increase to run every 30 minutes
  • Improvements to schedules Local Routes 6 and 7 to coordinate service to Southridge Mall
  • Adding additional trip times on Local Route 17 to serve the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Bondurant
  • Other minor service adjustments to
    • Local Routes 1, 11, 13 15, 17 and 60, and
    • Express Routes 92, 93 and 98
  • Removing school service from select DART routes

Local Route 6 – Indianola Ave

DART will restore weekday service schedules for this route to remove the reduced service schedules put into place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Route 6 will operate every 20 minutes on weekdays until 6 p.m., and every 30 minutes until end of service. In addition, schedules will be coordinated with Local Route 7 – SW 9th, to provide a one-seat transfer at Southridge Mall. Click here to view a schedule for Local Route 6.

Local Route 7 – SW 9th

Weekday evening service will run every 30-minutes because of improving schedule coordination with Local Route 6 – Indianola Ave at Southridge Mall. To view a schedule for Local Route 7, click here.

Local Route 17 – Hubbell Ave/Altoona

DART will expand the number of trips this route makes on Sundays and will adjust the times that the route travels to the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Bondurant on all weekdays. This extension was added to this route in November 2020. Since the Amazon facility opened, DART observed that adjusting the schedule times would better fit the needs of employees looking to use this route to get to shifts at the facility for work.

The route travels to the Amazon facility from DART Central Station twice daily (including weekends). The route will also travel from the Amazon facility to DART Central Station three times daily (including weekends). Click here to view a schedule for Local Route 17.

Schedule changes: Local Routes

DART is adjusting schedules for Local Routes 1, 11, 13, 15 and 60 to improve how well routes travel when compared to schedule times, and better meet transfers with other routes. In addition, an additional morning trip will be added on Local Route 13 as part of this service change. To view schedules, click on the corresponding route numbers above.

Schedule changes: Express Routes

DART is making changes to schedules for Express Routes 92, 93 and 98 to better serve our riders. This includes adjusting schedule times on Express Route 92, restoring the mid-afternoon trip on Express Route 93, and restoring one additional early morning trip on Express Route 98. To view schedules, click on the corresponding route numbers above.

School service

DART adds select trips on certain Local Routes in the morning or afternoon during the school year. These trips transport DMPS students and staff to school and back. During summer break, DART removes this service from schedules, and will add service back to schedules in August 2021.

Please continue to help stop the spread of COVID-19

With growth of COVID-19 vaccination rates in central Iowa, DART has removed chains blocking seats on most buses and at DART Central Station effective May 3. We will still monitor bus capacity, using additional buses to transport riders on busier routes when necessary. This will allow riders more flexibility to practice social distancing, and a federal mask mandate requiring all riders and DART staff to wear masks on buses and at DART Central Station is still in effect.

Promoting social distancing and the federal mask requirement are just some of the many safety measures DART continues to take to promote the health and wellbeing of its employees and riders. Some other measures include:

  • The installation of temporary plastic barriers between the fareboxes and the operator’s seat on all buses;
  • providing hand sanitizer and face masks for riders on the bus;
  • daily cleaning and sanitizing of all DART vehicles and facilities with regular disinfecting of high-touch areas throughout the day;
  • providing PPE for all employees; and
  • requiring employees to complete wellbeing check before work each day, which includes a temperature check.


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