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Feedback needed: proposed bus shelter locations

Riders and other central Iowans should provide feedback on where DART is proposing to build several new bus shelters throughout the Greater Des Moines region. DART is especially interested in feedback anyone may have regarding these proposed locations, specifically if they believe the locations of these shelters would negatively impact the historical or cultural resources available nearby. 

Posted on July, 25 2022

DART Operators Compete in State Roadeo, Recognized as Drivers of the Year

As part of the Iowa Public Transit Association's (IPTA's) annual meeting and Roadeo in early July 2022, several DART Fixed Route and Paratransit Operators were recognized for their efforts. As part of the annual meeting, one DART Fixed Route Operator, Greg Bailey and one DART Paratransit Operator, Joe Vitale, were recognized as DART's Operators of the year. These employees were selected for this recognition by DART staff and were featured in a dinner during the annual meeting in Cedar Rapids.

Posted on July, 11 2022

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