DART School Routes - Des Moines Area Regional Transit

School Trippers

DART service provides transportation for the students of Des Moines Public Schools. Routes for school trippers operate Monday through Friday on school days and are open to the public. 


RouteRoute Numbers
Brody Middle School

7A/B, 8A/B/C

East High School1, 4, 6, 10, 13, 17
Harding Middle School

16D, 15A/B

Hoover High School5A/B, 14A/B, 16A
Hoyt Middle School1A/B
Lincoln High School6A, 7, 8
McCombs Middle School

6E/D, 7D

Meredith Middle School14B/C, 5C, 16B/C
North High School15, 17
Roosevelt High School3, 5, 60, 16, 15
Weeks Middle School13A/B/C/D


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