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The MyDART app is your all-in-one tool for riding DART. Plan your trip, get bus times and buy bus passes all in one mobile app. Available on Android and iOS.  
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Why you'll love the MyDART app

  • Plan a trip, get next bus times and buy bus passes all in one place. 
  • Save your favorite bus stops or frequent trips to easily access bus times. 
  • Explore a map of all bus stops, Park & Ride locations and the entire DART route network. 
  • Purchase a day pass with unlimited use on Local and Express Routes for $4.
  • Purchase 7-day and 31-day passes that start on your schedule instead of the first of the week or month.
  • No paper bus pass to keep track of.
  • No need to carry cash or count exact change.

Buy your bus pass. 

Create an Account

  1. Before you can purchase bus passes in the MyDART app, you first need to create an account using your email address. You do not need to create an account if you are only using the MyDART app for the trip planner features. 
  2. If you ride DART through the Half Fare or Paratransit programs, please call Customer Service to add these passes to your MyDART account.

Search and Buy Bus Passes

  1. Go to "store" from the main menu to search for bus passes.
  2. Select the bus pass that best fits your travel needs. 
  3. Go to your shopping cart and add a payment method. Valid payment methods include a debit or credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also pay cash for mobile tickets at select locations, inclduing DART Central Station. Learn more here.
  4. Complete your purchase. 

Activate and Use Bus Passes

  1. Go to "tickets" from the main menu to view your purchase.
  2. Select the pass you want to use to get on the bus.
  3. Tap the purple button at the bottom of the screen to activate the pass. You will see an animation when the bus pass is activated. The expiration date and time will display at the bottom of the bus pass. 
  4. As you board the bus, scan your activated pass at the farebox. Please wait 2-3 seconds for farebox to recognize it's an active bus pass. Find a seat and enjoy your ride! 


Plan a trip 

Planning a Trip

  1. From the main menu of the MyDART app, navigate to the Trip Planner. There are two tabs in the trip planner section: 1) Trip Planner and 2) Next DART Bus.
  2. In the trip planner tab, enter your starting point and ending destination and tap the search button. 
  3. A variety of options for your trip will be displayed.
  4. Choose the trip that best meets your travel needs and follow the directions to your destination. 

Getting Next Bus Times

  1. From the main menu of the MyDART app, go to the Trip Planner and select the Next DART Bus tab.
  2. Enter your bus stop location or tap the location button to have the app find bus stops near you.
  3. The next several bus times will be shown in the app. 
  4. To view a map of bus stops, go to the main page of the Next DART Bus tab and select "map" under the search button. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Learn more about the MyDART app by reading our Frequently Asked Questions. For all other questions or comments about the MyDART app, please contact DART Customer Service at 515-283-8100 or

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