Pay Cash for Mobile Passes

Posted on December, 31 2020

Riders can now pay cash for mobile passes in the MyDART app. You can pay cash at DART Central Station’s customer service counter or through a network of retailers.

DART Central Station

Visit the customer service counter to pay cash for mobile passes. To get a mobile pass added to your app, you will need to provide the name and email address linked to your account.

Participating Retailer

DART has partnered with a network of retailers to accept cash for mobile passes. A complete list of participating retailers can be found here.

Within the MyDART app add a mobile pass to your shopping cart and select Pay with cash at a store when you check out. When you place the order, you will see payment locations near you.

Select a location and upon arrival ask the cashier to scan the barcode that is generated. Pay the cashier and your pass will be added to your account!  

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