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Express Route 94 – Westown

Operates between Wells Fargo on Vista in West Des Moines and downtown Des Moines.

Guaranteed Ride Home: In case of an emergency, DART will guarantee a ride home to individuals riding Route 94 -- Westownbetween the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To qualify for a Guaranteed Ride Home, you must be a monthly bus pass holder, Unlimited Access participant or RideShare vanpooler. For full program details, click here.

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Weekday / Morning: 
Route 94 • Weekday / Morning • Effective 08/23/20

Ingersoll & 18thLocust & 4thWestown & 22ndWestown & 42ndWestown & 60thWells Fargo
^ These buses travel to the garage via I-235, Keo and 9th and will stop at downtown bus stops along this route.
Weather, special events and traffic conditions may alter service.

Weekday / Afternoon: 
Route 94 • Weekday / Afternoon • Effective 08/23/20

Wells FargoWestown & 60thWestown & 42ndWestown & 22nd3rd & GrandIngersoll & 18th
Weather, special events and traffic conditions may alter service.

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