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Employer Support Programs

Des Moines area employers both large and small have been taking advantage of DART’s employer programs since they were established in 1974. The concept is simple – helping the region’s employers help their employees – and the benefits are many. They include saving money for both employee and employer, reducing traffic congestion for the entire region and limiting the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Why Should Your Company Participate?

Whether you have five employees or more than 5,000 employees, it just makes good business sense to participate. This transit benefit provides buses passes at a reduced cost to the employees along with tax incentives for the company – a deal for employers and their employees.
For more information on the Employer Support Programs, call 515-283-8100 or email dart@ridedart.com and ask for the customer service manager.
Employer Benefits
  • An innovative incentive that gives you the competitive edge in attracting and retaining employees.
  • An affordable option that can save your business money by reducing the need for parking.
  • Tax savings are available when your business pays all or part of the monthly transit fares for employee.
  • An option to subsidize the program as a benefit, in addition to compensation.
Employee Benefits
  • A savings of hundreds of dollars in annual commuting costs including less wear and tear on cars and savings on maintenance, fuel, insurance and parking bills.
  • A stress-free commute that gets employees to the office on time and ready to work.
  • The convenience of receiving monthly bus passes at the office.
Tax-Free Transit Benefits
It really does pay to participate in Employer Support Programs. The transit commuter benefit allows employers to give their employees as much as $130 per month to cover transit or vanpool commuting costs as a tax-free benefit. The employer's cost of providing this benefit can be deducted as a normal business expense. Even better, unlike ordinary wage payments, employers do not have to pay their share of federal payroll taxes on transit commuter benefits. This savings alone is usually more than enough to cover any cost of administering the program.
A Program for Every Budget
Increasingly, employers, as a matter of policy, are offering fully subsidized transit benefits to employees. Some employers do so to reward employees for their contributions and accomplishments. Others are subsidizing a portion of the monthly fares and allowing the employees the option to fund the balance from pre-tax income. If your company cannot cover the cost of the benefit this year, you may want to consider a pre-tax deduction program. By establishing a pre-tax deduction program, you permit your employees to exchange part of their gross income for employer-provided transit or vanpool costs.
Everyone Wins
Participating in an Employer Support Program is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing congestion on roadways and improving air quality. With DART everyone living and working in the Des Moines area is a winner.
We're Here to Help You
DART's Employer Support Programs are as user-friendly for the employer as they are for the employee. We'll help you create and set up an Employer Support Program that meets your needs. Our employees will provide the necessary support services to make your program a success.
To enroll in an Employer Support Program, contact Matthew Harris, Business & Community Partnerships Manager

Organizations participating in Employer Support Programs


  • A.D.P. Inc.
  • ALPP Institute
  • ARAG - North America
  • Aureon Network Services
  • Bankers Trust
  • Belin, Harris, Lamson & McCormick
  • BNIM Architects
  • Brooks, Borg and Skiles Architecture
  • Brown Winick Law Firm
  • Bureau of Refugee Services
  • Catholic Charities
  • Catholic Charites St. Joseph Emergency Family Shelter
  • C.D.S. (Communications Data Services)
  • Des Moines Performing Arts
  • Des Moines Register
  • Dowling Catholic High School
  • Employee & Family Resources
  • Evelyn K. Davis Center
  • Eyerly Ball
  • Gannett GIADC
  • Hoover High School 


  • House of Mercy
  • Iowa College Student Aid Commission
  • Iowa Title
  • Iowa Vocational Rehab.
  • Life Care Services
  • Living Recovery
  • Lutheran Services of Iowa
  • Lutheran Services Aging Resources
  • Medical Transportation Management
  • Meredith Corporation
  • Mid-American Energy
  • Nyemaster Goode
  • Polk County Family Enrichment Center
  • Polk County River Place Office
  • Prelude
  • Primary Health
  • TMS Management
  • United Community Services
  • US Committe for Refugees and Immigrants
  • US District Court
  • Wage Works
  • Whitfield & Eddy


Updated September 9, 2019
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