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Public Art at DART

Public art and public transportation, combined, create a vibrant patchwork of our region’s character and culture. At DART, we value public art and have incorporated it into many parts of our organization.

Public art at DART Central Station

Art buses

Art bus shelters

Murals along routes

Public art at DART Central Station

Public Art at DART Central Station

DART Central Station, opened in 2012, is the heart of the transit network in Greater Des Moines. DART Central Station’s design, construction and operations save water, use fewer resources, reduce pollution and contribute to healthier environments for our customers and the community. It also includes 3 works of public art.

Confluence, Lynn Basa

Located in the lobby, the composition of this piece reflects passengers' comings and goings throughout the region. The individual lines represent Des Moines' street grid and rivers. 

Tall Grass Tapestry, Troy Corliss

The hanging sculpture on the second floor represents the prarie grasses that are native to Iowa. The glass is recycled, a fitting choice for the sustainably designed station. 

Transportation Signature, David B. Dahlquist

Located on the south end of the station, the artwork is a visualization of the movements of public transit. To arrive at this design, the artist spelled out "Des Moines," as if written with the wheels of a bus in cursive script, then selected a narrow band of that image for the final piece. 

Art buses

Art Buses

In collaboration with the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, DART has launched 10 art buses. The project is part of the Public Art Foundation’s Project Spaces initiative, which places compelling, contemporary works of art in highly accessible and visible public spaces. The public can view the bus as it travels on DART bus routes throughout Greater Des Moines.

Multiple Black by Mitchell Squire, 2019

View other DART art buses. 

Art bus shelters

Art Bus Shelters

DART is expanding its network of bus shelters and incorporating public art into their design with the help of a funding partnership with Bravo Greater Des Moines and a call for artists issued by the Iowa Arts Council.

More than 70 existing bus stops throughout its service area have been identified as potential locations for art shelters, including high ridership stops that service key routes as well as locations where public art can complement local streetscape improvement projects. A $250,000 regional investment from Bravo Greater Des Moines will help support costs to incorporate public art into DART’s standard shelter design and create opportunities for artists to participate in the process.

DART is collaborating with its member communities and local public art stakeholders to recruit qualified artists to participate in upcoming art shelter projects. Artists interested in participating in DART’s art shelter program can learn more about this opportunity and submit their qualifications to the Iowa Arts Council at

The art shelter program is made possible by the support of the DART Board of Commissioners as well as key partners and investors including the Federal Transit Administration, the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and the City of Des Moines, in coordination with DART member communities and neighborhood stakeholders. The integration of public art into future DART shelters is made possible by the collaboration and support of local project partners, the Iowa Arts Council, and the generous regional investment of Bravo Greater Des Moines.

Learn more about our current and upcoming art bus shelters:

Drake University

6th Avenue Corridor


Murals along routes

Murals Along DART Routes

Des Moines murals, or wall art, can be found in all corners of our community. The best part? All of it is accessible by transit! View which routes can take you to various murals in Greater Des Moines and enjoy the ride. See murals

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