Save money this summer by helping DART test its new fareboxes

Posted on June, 4 2018

Update: Pilot Project List full

Thank you to all of the riders who signed up for the pilot project below. As of Friday, June 8. 2018, DART has enough participants for this project.

Riders needed to test swipe passes

DART is replacing the fareboxes on all of its buses in August with fareboxes that will work better with new technologies. Before this happens, DART will install 30 of the new fareboxes in buses for testing and is looking for approximately 100 riders to help test new bus passes.

Ride free and help DART

Riders interested in helping test the new fareboxes between June 17-30 will receive 2 free weekly passes to use during this time as well as a free pass for the month of July. DART is changing bus pass vendors and needs to test the new passes with the new fareboxes. Interested riders should email The first 100 people who respond will be selected to participate.

Participating riders will be able to use their free weekly pass as they normally would on buses with the new farebox installed. On buses with the old fareboxes, riders will use their weekly pass as a flash pass by showing it to the driver.

Anyone with a regular bus pass will swipe their pass on buses with old fareboxes, and will show their pass to drivers on buses with the new fareboxes.

Day passes available beginning June 18

Other changes that will occur when farebox testing begins on June 18, include:

  • Ability to buy a day pass on buses with the new fareboxes installed
  • Ability to buy a day pass from customer service at DART Central Station
  • Ability to scan MyDART mobile tickets in the buses with the new fareboxes installed, continue using as a flash pass in buses with old fareboxes

What’s not changing

Cash and tokens will still be accepted on the fareboxes, and we’ll still accept paper transfers until the new fareboxes are fully implemented in August.

Questions about the fareboxes changes?

Visit the farebox page to learn more or contact DART Customer Service by emailing or calling 515-283-8100.


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